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Flengo is amongst some of the most influential members on MPGH. Flengo registered at MPGH on May 11, 2010.

According to anonymous sources it is said that Flengo's favourite word is "hi", but this cannot be confirmed..

Flengo's history.

1. Got the 'Contributer' rank for his contribution to MPGH. (11.16.2012)

2. Started off his MPGH staff journey as a Combat Arms Minion. (12.26.2012)

3. Became section minion for DayZ. (01.21.2013)

4. Got AVA minion almost a month later. (02.13.2013)

5. Became the minion for WarRock section. (02.19.2013)

6. A week later Flengo became minion for the steam section. (02.26.2013)

7. District 187 minion. (04.04.2013)

8. Promotion to 'Minion +'. (04.18.2013)

9. Promotion to 'Global Moderator'. (08.01.2013)

10. Got the rank 'Publicist'. (04.04.2015)

11. Resigned as a Global Moderator 4 years later. (10.09.2017)

12. Promoted to 'Global Moderator'. (03.23.2019)