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How do I get Premium?

You need to donate at least $25 to MPGH to receive Premium. You can pay via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Amazon Gift Cards/prepaid cash cards.

Click here to buy via PayPal

Click here to inquire about paying via Bitcoin

Click here to buy via Amazon gift cards/prepaid cash cards

How do I get Premium Seller?

You need to donate at least $100 to MPGH to receive Premium Seller. You can pay via Bitcoin, or Amazon Gift Cards/prepaid cash cards.

Click here to inquire about paying via Bitcoin

Click here to buy via Amazon gift cards/prepaid cash cards

Why can't I post links/message other users?

You need to be a Level 1 Member in order to post links. You can become a level 1 Member by making 10 posts on MPGH. Once you've made 10 posts, it may take 10-20 minutes for your rank to update on the MPGH database. Please note, that some URL's are blocked from MPGH, such as adf.ly, bit.ly links etc. These links will appear as ***.ly when the post is made.

In the case where you are trying to post proof for a marketplace thread, or provide virus scans/information for a release, you are allowed to put spaces in the links to make them visible to the staff members.

Why can't I download an attachment/hack?

At MPGH, we like to take precautions with any uploaded files. MPGH Staff members check the file for any malware before it can be downloaded by the general public. This process of checking usually takes 12-24 hours.

How are rule-breakers punished?

On MPGH, we have many ways to punish various rule-breakers.

  • Warnings: The lowest form of punishment, these warnings are simply to warn minor rule breakers that their actions are not allowed and to cease doing them before more serious action takes place. Warnings do not add to your "Infraction Total", and are only there for documentation.
  • Infractions: The next tier of punishment, infractions are given to repeated or more serious offenders. Any user may only have up to 3 infraction points. If they collect 3, the will be instantly banned for a set amount of time. Certain infraction do expire.
  • Permanent Infraction: An infraction set specifically by an upper staff member to never expire, these are typically given to severe repeaters to remind them of their illegal activity.
  • Marketplace Blacklist: A blacklist is given to users who ignore marketplace restrictions, users who attempt to bypass regulations, or users who have scammed in the past and came back to refund. When you are on a blacklist, you are not allowed to participate in the marketplace whatsoever. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.
  • Banishment: Being banned means you are barred from using MPGH and it's facilities. Bans can have a variety of lengths, ranging from 1 day to permanently. Typically, only very serious offenders are banned.
  • Permanent Banishment: The absolute worst punishment available on MPGH, being permanently banned means your main and alternate account are all barred from using MPGH, as well as being banned from making any new accounts and browsing again. Permanent bans may only be reversed by a Global Moderator and above, and must be facilitated through a staff dispute. Getting a permanent ban reversed is not easy.

How do I modify my name/tag?

You may only have your tag modified in the Profile Edit Requests section. The requirements for each different type of modification is listed at the top of the section, which consists of 500 posts for a text title, 1000 posts for a name change, and 1337 posts for an image title. Premium members can bypass these restrictions, as well as staff members. Only official staff members may have both a text title and image title. Profile modifications are overlooked by Liz and reviewed for rule-breaking content.

Posting in this section as anyone but the original poster of your own thread could lead to punishment.

Why won't my GIF avatar work?

There are two requirements for a GIF avatar. One, it must be within the specified limits of your usergroup. Two, it must be within the file size limits of the avatar. Generally under 1 MB is the suggested file size. We don't have the exact limits published for each usergroup at this time. If these two conditions aren't met. Your animated GIF avatar will convert to a one frame static image.

How do I increase my avatar size limit?

Special ranks, such as Premium and Contributor, have increased avatar size limits. Higher member levels such as Member Level 4 have higher limits as well. Upper staff ranks have the largest and most defined avatar sizes out of every rank, being 200x250 and beyond.

What is this text title that keeps changing under my name as I post?

On MPGH, you are assigned special default text titles are certain post goals. The post goals are:

  • New Member: 0 Posts
  • Newbie: 25 Posts
  • Novice: 50 Posts
  • Member: 100 Posts
  • Advanced Member: 150 Posts
  • Dual-Keyboard Member: 250 Posts
  • Expert Member: 500 Posts
  • Bobo's Trainer: 750 Posts
  • MPGH Expert: 1000 Posts
  • Synthetic Hacker: 1250 Posts
  • Blackhat Hacker: 1500 Posts
  • Whitehat Hacker: 2000 Posts
  • Bobo's Guardian: 2500 Posts
  • Upcoming MPGHiean: 3000 Posts
  • MPGH Addict: 3500 Posts
  • MPGHiean: 4000 Posts
  • MPGH Knight: 4500 Posts
  • MPGH Lord: 5000 Posts
  • MPGH Champion: 5500 Posts
  • MPGH King: 6000 Posts
  • MPGH Legend: 6500 Posts
  • MPGH God: 7000 Posts
  • MPGH God II: 7500 Posts
  • MPGH God III: 8000 Posts
  • MPGH God IV: 8500 Posts
  • MPGH God V: 9000 Posts
  • MPGH Overdose: 9500 Posts
  • -UNKNOWN-: 10000 Posts
  • MPGH Keyboard Bully: 11000 Posts
  • MPGH Enemy #1: 12000 Posts

How do I get [rank]?

  • Staff ranks like Minion and Middleman may be applied for when certain applications are posted. You must meet certain requirements, which will be listed in the application thread. Other higher staff ranks, like Moderator, is earned through hard work by current staff. When a lower staff member is recognized to be doing a good job and deserves a higher rank, they may be promoted.
  • Former Staff is earned by all normal staff members that have resigned or left on good terms. The ranks that receive this are Middleman, Minion, Minion Plus, and Moderator. If a Global Moderator or any level of administrator resigns, they are instead granted the Super User rank. The Super User rank is unique in that it is the only non-staff rank other than Trusted Member that gives the [MPGH] prefix on the user's name.
  • Trusted Member is only given to extremely trusted members of the community, and are typically hand picked by Dave84311 himself. This tag is also typically only given out once every 1 or 2 years.
  • The Contributor rank is given to users who directly contribute hacks to any section on a regular basis. Users who are recognized to be contributing are granted this tag typically by Dave84311.
  • News Force is earned through an application thread, and directly picked by the current Head Editor of the MPGH news. Publicist is earned in the same fashion, however it is a significantly more exclusive group and is instead picked by the Head Publicist.
  • Princess is currently considered the Staff Administrator Liz's personal tag. It used to be given out to users who have proven themselves to be female.
  • Pharaoh is an exclusive rank given out in official Pharaoh Competitions. This competition is directly facilitated by Raple, with the winner being chosen by the community itself. Pharaoh also has certain extra ranks such as Pharaoh of the Year or Pharaoh of Pharaohs.
  • Member level tags have 4 different types, starting at 10 posts for level 1, 2500 posts for level 2, 5000 for level 3, and finally 10000 posts for level 4. Each rank gives a larger avatar size, and other small benefits.

What is 2FA ?

The 2 Factor authentication is the best way for you to keep your account safe. It requires you to input a secondary authentication key from an authentication device such as a phone (using Google Authentificator) that generates a one time rotating 30 second key that constantly changes even if your device is offline. If you get hacked without 2 Factor Authentication enabled, you will be responsible for repaying any money from users affected by your "stolen / hacked" account.