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This section of the wiki is currently under construction, and is not planned to be finished until much later past the Beta.

Welcome to the gaming section of the MPGH wiki! This portion of the wiki contains information about all of your favorites games, including tips, game facts, and even knowledge on hacks. This section of the wiki is primarily contributed to by specifically assigned editors and writers. These positions are able to be applied for, and you can be given access to edit pages on the MPGH wiki! If you think you have an extensive knowledge on any popular game listed on MPGH, please contact Raple or Silent. If you are unable to get a hold of them, please contact any official Publicist and let them know you would like to edit the wiki!

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Do not fret if the section you are active in is not listed here! This is only content that is projected for the early stages. Eventually, more game sections will be added!