Wine Cellar

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Locked Wine Cellar Portal.png PirateCavePortal.png

The Wine Cellar is where you fight Oryx the Mad God 2. It can be accessed after defeating Oryx the Mad God and popping a Wine Cellar Incantation.

Dungeon Layout[edit]

WC Map.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Oryx the Mad God 2[edit]

Oryx the Mad God.png

After Oryx the Mad God escapes into the Wine Cellar, he changes to Oryx the Mad God 2. He consists of two similar phases, both involving shooting shotguns of shots at the nearest player. The only difference is that the second phase involves Oryx the Mad God 2 rapidly chasing the nearest player.

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Aberrant Blaster.png Aberrant Blaster

Aberrant of Oryx.png Aberrant of Oryx

Abomination of Oryx.png Abomination of Oryx

Bile of Oryx.png Bile of Oryx

Henchman of Oryx.png Henchman of Oryx

Monstrosity of Oryx.png Monstrosity of Oryx

Monstrosity Scarab.png Monstrosity Scarab

Vintner of Oryx.png Vintner of Oryx

Drops of Interest[edit]

Potion of Attack.png Potion of Defense.png Potion of Vitality.png Potion of Wisdom.png

Potion of Attack/Defense/Vitality/Wisdom

Weapon T12.gif

Tier 12 Weapons

Armor T13.gif

Tier 13 Armors

Ability T6.gif

Tier 6 Abilities

Sword of the Mad God.png Onyx Shield of the Mad God.png Almandine Armor of Anger.png Almandine Ring of Wrath.png

Oryx Awesome Set