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Vice Multihack is a free League of Legends cheat (external) developed by SuperMarlon007.

The first name of this cheat was "Make it Simple" (MiS) and was released at 05-07-2016.



  • Zoom Adjustment (fine adjust your zoom-value)
  • Custom Field of View (sets a custom FOV - field of view)
  • Zoomlock (locks your current zoom-value)
  • No Zoomlimit (removes the maximum and minimum zoom-limit)
  • Chat-Spammer (spams the ingame chat)
  • AFK-Bot (prevents you from getting kicked)
  • Ping-Checker (check the ping that you'll have ingame)
  • Friendlist-Cleaner (helps with removing all your friends)
  • Ingame-Notifications

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