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sasori~ joined MPGH in August of 2017 to originally sell his RotMG account, but ended up enjoying MPGH way too much to leave once his account was sold. Sasori~ is currently part of the Publicists and is hoping to continue to improve MPGH in other ways. You'll often see sasori~ active in several sections including the Anime section, General, Health and Fitness, RotMG, PUBG, and several others. He currently has an ongoing anime review series in which he fully analyses several anime and shares his thoughts. He is looking for potential helpers for this series and if you seem interested, feel free to message him on skype.

Current Positions[edit]

Old Positions[edit]

  • News Force (Sports News) Sasori~ served as a News Force member from 8/7/2017-2/7/2018 until he no longer had time to be a part of NF.

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