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MPGH has several notable traditions, however there are some less known traditions as well.

Milestone Bans[edit]

There are a couple different types of "milestone bans". The main definition of the "milestone ban" is getting banned for a special event, typically for 24-48 hours. Please note that they are NOT getting banned for breaking the rules, it is simply a tradition. Users create a thread in the General Section about their "special event"/achievement, usually with a clickbait thread title and post content.

These events are:

  • Getting 1337, 2000, 3000... posts.
  • Posting about your birthday.


Cocksucker is a long-term tradition in which users that most (if not all) of the community find atrocious are granted a tag that displays them as such. This group is extremely hard to get out of, but very easy to fall in.

Monthly Cocksucker Bans[edit]

On the 14th of each month, any user in the Cocksucker user group can fall prey to a ban for a week. The 14th of each month is a cleansing day for all members of MPGH, to be free from the filth brought by the Cocksuckers.

Off-Site Chats[edit]

MPGH has several chat rooms that are entirely off-site, typically using Skype. One of these chats, MPGH1, has been a long time tradition of MPGH and has lived over several platforms.

There is a in-built chat room on MPGH which can be accessed by clicking the "Chat" button to join the different channels to chat with other MPGH users.

Rat Invasion[edit]

The Rat Invasion is now a (seemingly) dead tradition in which the Rat Army took over MPGH and had apparent control. Though it was truly just a prank, it is still a memorable one.