The Shatters

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The Shatters.png

The Shatters is a difficult dungeon released in Release 18.0. It attracts many experienced players because it drops three of the best rings in the game: Bracer of the Guardian, The Twilight Gemstone, The Forgotten Crown. The Shatters also drops high tier weapons, abilities, and armors. This dungeon is usually done in groups of 10 to 20, but it is possible to complete in smaller groups. Note that teleportation is disabled in this dungeon.

The Shatters is dropped by the Avatar of the Forgotten King event boss.

Shatters Key.png You may also access the Shatters by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 200 gold.


Shatters Layout.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Forgotten Sentinel[edit]

Shtrs Bridge Sentinel.png

The Forgotten Sentinel is the first boss in the Shatters. A bridge leads to him after killing four switches in the room before it. He sits at the far right side of the boss room and shoots white shots that spread across the entire room. The shots do considerable damage players of all levels. This boss has three phases.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Twilight Archmage[edit]

Shtrs Twilight Archmage.png

The Twilight Archmage is the second boss. After completing the Forgotten Sentinel, players must kill three switches in order to access this boss. The Twilight Archmage sits in the middle of a rectangular room, surrounded by six objects? that fire high damage shots. This boss spawns has four phases.

Phase 1:

  • Spawn Fire/Ice Portals
  • Spawns Fire Bombs/Ice Spheres
  • Shoots shots similar to Fire/Ice Mages

Phase 2:

  • Spawns Inferno and Blizzard
  • Boss goes invulnerable

Phase 3:

  • Moves to the bottom tower/object
  • Tower/object goes berserk and shoots a huge a humongous amount of high damage shots
  • Moves clockwise from tower/object to tower/object until there are no more

Phase 4 (Rage):

  • Same as phase 1, except at a much much faster rate
  • Boss Moves

The Forgotten King[edit]

Shtrs The Forgotten King.png

The The Forgotten King is the third and final boss. After defeating the Twilight Archmage, players may choose to clear the bridge leading up to this boss or perform a lava walk (where priests and paladins heal you while you walk across lava). The The Forgotten King starts out in the middle of his boss room. This boss has six phases.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Phase 4:

Phase 5:

  • The The Forgotten King moves to the top and shoots a large number of shots
  • Pass this phase by doing enough damage

Phase 6:

  • The The Forgotten King shoots even more shots
  • Stand at the bottom of the room so no bullets will be shot

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Shtrs Abandoned Switch 1.png Abandoned Switch

Shtrs Test Chest.png Test Chest

Shtrs Titanum.png Titanium

Shtrs Stone Knight.png Stone Knight

Shtrs Stone Mage.png Stone Mage

Shtrs Spike.png Spike

Shtrs Paladin Obelisk.png Paladin Obelisk

Shtrs Stone Paladin.png Stone Paladin

Shtrs Fire Mage.png Fire Mage

Shtrs Fire Adept.png Fire Adept

Shtrs Fire Portal.png Fire Portal

Shtrs Archmage of Flame.png Archmage of Flame

Shtrs Firebomb.png Fire Bomb

Shtrs Ice Mage.png Forgotten Ice Mage

Shtrs Ice Sphere.png Ice Sphere

Shtrs Ice Adept.png Ice Adept

Shtrs Ice Portal.png Ice Portal

Shtrs Glassier Archmage.png Glacier Archmage

Shtrs Blobomb.png Blobomb

Shtrs Inferno.png Inferno

Shtrs Blizzard.png Blizzard

Shtrs MagiGenerators.png Magi-Generator

Shtrs Red Crystal.png Red Crystal

Shtrs Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal

Shtrs Yellow Crystal.png Yellow Crystal

Shtrs Green Crystal.png Green Crystal

Shtrs Lava Souls.png Helpless Souls

Shtrs Royal Guardian J.png Royal Guardian J

Shtrs Royal Guardian L.png Royal Guardian L

Drops of Interest[edit]

Potion of Defense.png Potion of Attack.png

Potion of Defence/Attack

Potion of Mana.png

Potion of Mana

Potion of Life.png

Potion of Life

Weapon T12.gif

Tier 12 Weapons

Armor T13.gif

Tier 13 Armors

Ability T6.gif

Tier 6 Abilities


Tier 6 Rings

Bracer of the Guardian.png

Bracer of the Guardian

The Twilight Gemstone.png

Twilight Gemstone

The Forgotten Crown.png

Forgotten Crown

Sentient Staff.png

Sentient Staff

Ancient Spell PPierce.png

Ancient Spell: Pierce

Ancient Spell Pierce.png

The Robe of Twilight

The Forgotten Ring.png

Forgotten Ring

The Tower Tarot Card.png

The Tower Tarot Card


Ice Crown