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I will list any articles I feel need to be completed. Finish as necessary. This list will be visible to members using the wiki during the Beta stages only.

Red Pages[edit]

Note: Remove page links once the page in question has been written.

Red pages are any pages that are linked on the wiki but have no content written to them.

Main List[edit]

-Programming sections. Anyone with any programming experience can edit this. (Can be found towards the bottom of the main page)

-Tutorials. These can be anything, from how to load a AHK script, to how to download cheats.(Can be found towards the bottom of the main page)

-Private Alpha Release [✔️]

-More content in Dictionary [✔️]

-More content in Sectional Regulations [✔️]

-More content in General [✔️]

-All staff ranks need to have some content (Game Hacking Team [✔️], Minion Plus [✔️], Moderator [✔️], Staff Administrator [✔️], Administrator [✔️], Head Administrator [✔️])

-More content in FAQ [✔️]

-Create the Marketplace section [✔️]

-Format an actual page for Rules and put the link on it instead only of hyper-linking to MPGH. [✔️]

-More content on the Main Page [✔️]

-Brainstorm more content for the Legend on the Main Page [✔️]

-Revise For Buyers and For Sellers [✔️]

-Public Beta Release [✔️]

-More content in Marketplace [✔️]

-Scour the forums for more information that can go in Sectional Regulations

-More content in Influential Users [✔️]

-More content in Traditions

-Revise old articles

-Make pages for any remaining User Groups [✔️]

-Revise Publicist [✔️]

-Add a list of all the available emoticons under the Legend List of Emoticons [✔️]

-Revise disbanded user groups (perhaps moving above the 'worse' section) [✔️]

-Work on Gaming Sections framework [✔️]

-Add a current Publicist events running page [✔️]

-Add an MPGH Timeline to the legend and add content to it

-Train new editors

-Something like "infamous users" for like big scammers, or really bad people on MPGH Infamous Users

-Add more content to Traditions [✔️]

-Add reputation to Dictionary

-Add "What is 2FA?" to FAQ [✔️]

-Add "How do I use MPGH?" to FAQ

-Expand upon what Premium does and why it's beneficial to donate for it [✔️]

-Add "How do I post a hack/release?" to FAQ

-Work on Gaming Sections

If you have a suggestion, edit this page and add it below this line.

Normal users of the wiki may make suggestions on the official thread on MPGH.

Suggested that are accepted will be immediately listed above.