Snake Pit

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The Snake Pit is also a time consuming and medium-level dungeon. This dungeon was intended for medium level players to complete.

This dungeon is found in the Godlands dropped by Medusa, Ogre King, Undead Dwarf King, Minotaur, Lizard Godand Flayer God.

Snake Pit Key.png You may also access the Snake Pit by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 100 gold.



Dungeon Boss[edit]


Stheno the Snake Queen

Stheno the Snake Queen is the boss of the Snake Pit. She is found in a large, square-shaped room with four walls to hide behind.

She spawns a large amount of Stheno Swarms and Stheno Pets

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

GreaterPitSnake.png Greater Pit Snake

GreaterPitViper.png Greater Pit Viper

YellowPython.png Yellow Python

BrownPython.png Brown Python

FirePython.png Fire Python

PitViper.png Pit Viper

PitSnake.png Pit Snake

Drops of Interest[edit]

PotionOfSpeed.png Potion of Speed

WineCellarIncantation.png Wine Cellar Incantation

SnakeOil.png Snake Oil

WandOfTheBulwark.png Wand of the Bulwark

SnakeskinArmor.png Snakeskin Armor

SnakeskinShield.png Snakeskin Shield

SnakeEyeRing.png Snake Eye Ring