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The user Raple, also known as Will, is a long time staff member and has held many different positions over his time on MPGH.

From the end of 2013, Raple has been a staff member for nearly 90% of his activity. Starting as a wee Middleman, Raple made his way on to become the minion of Realm of the Mad God. Raple worked as a standard minion for 8 months before finally being granted the Minion Plus rank in August of 2014. In early 2015, Raple had significantly decreased activity, which was followed by an official resignation in March 2015 for the reason of focusing on school work.

Raple has been quoted on saying resigning in 2015 "was the worst decision [he's] ever made on MPGH". He came back not even one month later as an official middleman, and continued once again down the path eventually receiving moderator status near the end of 2016. Unfortunately, Raple underwent a move in real life and was left without internet for 5 months straight. During this time, Dave84311 demoted Raple from his position temporarily until his return in June of 2017. After being promoted back to moderator, he eventually made his way to Global Moderator in October of 2017, completing his dream of becoming a GM.

Raple is the original creator of the official Pharaoh competition and rank. Starting as a simple unofficial popularity content, Pharaoh was eventually instated as an official rank after the Publicist revamp of 2015. The competition has seen over 20 winners, with the users who win being from all branches of MPGH whether it be a staff member or a regular member. He is also one the founders and head editors of this very wiki.

In recent times, an official MPGH Realm of the Mad God server called Recreo Mortem was also founded by Raple. It was originally in beta for some time, but is now in full release as of April 29th, 2018.

Current Positions


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