Puppet Master’s Encore

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Puppet Encore Portal.png

The Puppet Master's Encore is a dungeon for intermediate to advanced players. This dungeon consists of only a boss fight.

This dungeon is one of the few dungeons accessed via the Court of Oryx.

Puppet Master's Encore Key.png You may also access the Puppet Master's Encore by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 200 gold.


Encore layout.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Puppet Master v2[edit]

Puppet Master v2.png

The Puppet Master v2 is the unmoving boss of the Puppet Master's Encore. It sits in the center of the dungeon and shoots shots that will pet stasis you. It also spawns enemies that will daze you and deal true damage. This boss has three phases.

Phase 1:

  • Encore Huntress is activated
  • When defeated, the boss becomes vulnerable and shoots shots towards you

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

  • Puppet of Chaos and Puppet of Pain are activated
  • Both minions circle the boss
  • When defeated the boss goes into rage, becoming armored, and shoots shots towards you

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Bleed Puppet.png Puppet of Pain

Confuse Puppet.png Puppet of Chaos

Encore Huntress.png Encore Huntress

Encore Trickster.png Encore Trickster

HomingFire.png Cursed Blast

Encore Trickster.png Encore Clone

Huntress Trap.png Encore Trap

Drops of Interest[edit]

Thousand Shot.png

Thousand Shot

Prism of Dire Instability.png

Prism of Dire Instability

Potion of Defense.png Potion of Attack.png Potion of Mana.png

Potion of Defense/Attack/Mana


Wince Cellar Incantation

Jaco Pet Stone.png

Jaco Pet Stone