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The Publicist team is comprised of MPGH activists who strive to make MPGH a better place for the end user. Publicists do a variety of things, such as edit videos and images for MPGH, create events and projects for MPGH, and promote various portions of the website. The Publicist also handle management of MPGH sub-servers, such as the MPGH Wiki.

More specifically, Publicists handle the following tasks:

  • Create and manage official MPGH events.
  • Promote various game sections, as well as boost user activity.
  • Create/Edit videos and images for Publicist related functions.
  • Assist with and/or facilitate upcoming MPGH game nights.
  • Help with seeking out particularly interesting/popular topics on MPGH.
  • Assist with the management of official MPGH servers.

There has been a continual acceptance of new Publicists who are specifically accepted to work as Editors for this wiki.