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Psychotic is a Global Moderator on MPGH.

Psychotic, credited for being one of the first people along with Paradise, and another unknown user to bring Refunding / Social Engineering Services to MPGH, written one of the biggest eBooks on MPGH called Fuck Amazon which brought many to start their own Refunding services and being a very well reputable and trusted Member that has been a Global Moderator for over 2 years now!

Marketplace rework[edit]

Before Psychotic's complete rework of the Marketplace as we know today, Ravallo's Marketplace rules applied, which under certain circumstances, had lighter punishments on scammers and rules/restrictions. While Psychotic was a Moderator, he rewrote the whole Marketplace rules, introducing the modern-day Marketplace Ban system.

MPGH News & News Force[edit]

Psychotic was the founder and Head Editor of the News Force, which wrote the MPGH News. Between 2011 and 2012, Psychotic and Austin started posting the yet to become official MPGH News in which they wrote down everything that happened monthly on MPGH. The community recognized their efforts and they took it positively, thanking them for their efforts which led to Dave giving them control over a new group, the News Force, tasked with writing monthly newsletters about MPGH. Psychotic and Austin became the first founders and Head Editors of the News Force, granting them control to assign new members to help them co-write and produce articles. Psychotic stepped down as Head Editor, worked as a Freelancer for a short period of time, reclaimed the Head Editor position before leaving the News Force completely on the 23/07/2016 and assigning Hova as the new Head Editor.

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