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Interested in becoming a Premium Seller?

For a one time fee of $100USD, you can become a permanent MPGH premium seller.

More info about Premium Seller

Benefits of being a Premium Seller?[edit]

  • Premium Seller tag ( Premiumseller.png )
  • A unique, bolded username
  • Larger avatar size (250x200)
  • Larger avatar file size
  • Bypass post requirements for many things
  • Increase visibility for created threads in the ALL Marketplace sections allowing more sales ( exemple here )
  • More user trust (Easier buying, selling, and trading)
  • Access to Member Level 2 Section
  • Access to the Premium Seller Vault, a trading section for premium sellers only!
  • No username/usertitle change requests are received by this usergroup, please purchase premium member for that.
  • ...Possible future add-ons!