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Premium Member is one of the most widespread user group.

For a one time donation of $25 USD, your account can become a MPGH Premium Member account for the life of that account. While there is no maximum or minimum suggested amount to premium member, at least 25 cumulative dollars will unlock premium member status. You can donate for premium membership for a MPGH friend, if so inclined, just be sure to leave a note.

More info about Premium

Benefits of being a Premium Member?[edit]

  • Premium Member tag ( Premium.png )
  • A unique, bolded username
  • Unlimited username change requests
  • Unlimited Image/Text user title change requests
  • Larger avatar size (250x200)
  • Larger avatar file size
  • Less post restrictions
  • Bypass post requirements for many things
  • More user trust (Easier trading)
  • Access to Member Level 2 section
  • ...Possible future add-ons!*


Premium Member was once known as Donator(Donator.png). There was a stage in MPGH where the Donator user group was a yearly subscription.