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The Pharaoh user group is a rank which was added directly after the Publicist revamp of 2015. It was originally a popularity competition in which the community voted on a select set of individuals to win the right of calling themselves the "Pharaoh" of MPGH. As it went on, it developed into a true user group with a unique tag.

The idea behind the Pharaoh Competition was originally designed by Raple.

How to Participate[edit]

To participate in a Pharaoh Competition, you must be nominated by another member in a nomination thread. Nomination threads are almost always post by Raple, so look out for a stickied thread in the General section.

Occasionally, there are special rules to who is allowed to be nominated. Typically, you must not be a higher staff member, a Cocksucker, or a new member. In some competitions, all staff members have been allowed, only cocksuckers, or even special ranks only such as Trusted Member or Super User. There are also special titles that have been presented in specific competitions, like Richest Pharaoh or Pharaoh of the YEAR.

Pharaoh of [Insert]/Other[edit]

Some competitions have a special set of regulations attached to the tag itself.

Pharaoh of the YEAR: This version of Pharaoh lasts for an entire year, and is considered a prestigious Pharaoh tag.

Pharaoh of Pharaohs: This version of Pharaoh lasts until the next Pharaoh of Pharaohs competition. This is the most exclusive version of the tag

Previous Pharaohs[edit]

The Pharaoh rank has been obtained by a total of 20 different users, including unofficial and official winners.