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Pantheon is a champion that has been released on the second of February, 2010. He is mostly played as a Top, but can do a lot in a jungle or support situation thanks to his stuns and ability to poke constantly.

Pantheon is known to be seen as a literal brain-dead champ by the community due to how annoying he can be early-game by poking, mid-game by stunning and a backdooring champion late game.

His arsenal of abilities range from tossing his spear to leaping around 6000 units away by casting his ultimate.

He was last edited in the patch 9.1 to fix an issue with Aegis shield, one of his abilities receiving damage although it should not.

Pantheon's main selling point is the ability to be very aggresive, in fact, tower diving with Pantheon is fairly easy, as it's ability, Aegis of Zeonia allows him to dash to the enemy, stunning them while restoring his Aegis shield. Speaking of Aegis Shield, it is Pantheon's passive, landing 4 hits, regardless if using abilities or basic attacks build it up to totally block one basic attack or a tower shot, hence why he is heavilly reliable for tower dives.

One of the most frequently used Pantheon diving strategy is to build up your Aegis Shield to 3 hits, leaping on the enemy to have a full shield. Keep in mind that pantheon does keep the stacked hits of his shield, as Aegis of Zeonia does not affect his counter whatsoever. The enemy will be stunned as pantheon blocks the tower shot, allowing him to land a spear and rebuilding another shield to tank the tower shot, potentially killing his enemy.