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The Paladin was the third sword/heavy armor based class introduced. He was originally meant to be a combination of the Warrior and Priest, using a sword, tome, and heavy armor.

However, the tome was eventually replaced with the seal and was stuck since then.

To this day, the Paladin is one of the 3 healing classes, along with the original Priest and the Necromancer.

A combination of the Knight and Warrior’s abilities, The Paladin has access to his seal, which is a ability that is both defensive and offensive, The Paladin is one of the most useful classes in groups and teamwork, and plays a particularly big role in group healing and boosting. The Paladin can deal damage at close range, wear heavy armor, and heal himself and his allies.


Initial Stats Gain Per Level Average at level 20 Base Stat Cap
Hit Points 200 20 to 30 675 770
Magic Points 100 2 to 8 195 252
Attack 12 1 to 2 40 50
Defense 0 0 0 30
Speed 12 0 to 2 31 55
Dexterity 10 0 to 2 29 45
Vitality 10 0 to 1 19 40
Wisdom 10 1 to 2 38 75