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osu! is a free-to-win online rhythm game, Originally released for Windows in 2007, the game has also been ported to mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. osu! game play is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customization via skins/beat maps/story boarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others. osu! is written in C# on the .NET Framework and the community includes over 11.97 million registered users and 7.99 billion ranked plays.


The player chooses a song and a difficulty from a list of downloaded "beatmaps". As the song plays, the player must click (or use the alternative keys Z and X, which are changeable in the options) on different hit-elements (hit circles, sliders, and spinners) in time with the rhythm of the song in order to earn points. The use of a graphics tablet in combination with a keyboard is common in osu! among more serious players, although most players do use a mouse.


There are five default difficulties in game: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Expert (commonly known as Another or Extra). Beyond this, "Marathon" difficulty is reserved for beatmaps which are longer than 5 minutes, also, players can create their own difficulties. Content creators may choose to name their difficulties to anything outside of the standard naming conventions, as long as their names imply their appropriate difficulties.


The main objective of osu! is to hit, complete, and clear enough hit circles, sliders, and spinners to keep the health bar, which drains at a steady rate throughout the game, above 0 until the beatmap is over. 100’s, 50’s, and misses will also lower your health bar. More experienced players will often strive for a more specific and difficult goal, like improving their high score or grade on a particular beatmap, usually by attempting to time their hits better and avoid as many misplays as possible to increase combo multipliers, often with mods applied as well.

A hit circle as it appears in the osu! editor.


The elements of osu! are hit circles, sliders, and spinners.

Hit circles, also known as notes, are a common object on nearly every beatmap. When a hit circle appears, a ring, called the approach circle, will appear around it and begin to shrink. In order to score points from a hit circle, players must place their cursor over the circle and click the hit button as the approach circle touches the edge of the hit circle.

Sliders appear as two hit circles with a solid path, called a slider track, between them. As with hit circles, an approach circle appears at the beginning of a slider track, which must be clicked when the approach circle touches its edge. Unlike hit circles, however, after the start of a slider has been hit, a ball, called the slider ball, will begin to roll along the slider track, and players must continue to hold down the hit button and keep their cursor hovered over or near the slider ball until it has reached the end of the slider. Sometimes a slider end will have an arrow, called the reverse arrow, which means the player will be required to follow the slider ball back to its starting point.

A spinner is a large circle that takes up most of the play field when it appears. A ring like the approach circle of hit circles and sliders will also appear and begin to close on the spinner's center. Players must hold down the hit button and spin their cursor around the center of the spinner. As players continue to spin, the spinner gauge at either side of the screen begins to fill, and once it has been filled, the player will be notified that the spinner has been cleared. Continued spins after this and until the ring reaches the spinner's center will award bonus points.


Players may choose to use mods in osu! to make gameplay easier, harder or even funnier.

Difficulty Reduction Mods[edit]

Easy (EZ)

Osu! ez mod.png

Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • Two extra lives
  • Larger hit circles
  • Slower approach rate

No Fail (NF)

Osu! nf mod.png

Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • You can not fail the map
  • Must score in order for score to be processed.

Half Time (HT)

Osu! ht mod.png

Score Multiplier: 0.30x (osu!, osu!taiko, osu!catch), 0.50x (osu!mania)

  • BPM decreased by 25%
  • Length of beatmap increased by 33%

Difficulty Increase Mods[edit]

Hard Rock (HR)

HR mod osu.png

Score Multiplier: 1.06x (osu!standard, osu!taiko), 1.12x (osu!catch), 1.00x (osu!mania; unranked)

  • Objects flipped over the x-axis
  • Raises all difficulty settings by 40%
  • Raises circle size by 30% (smaller hit circles)

Sudden Death (SD)


Score Multiplier: 1.00x

  • Miss a note and you fail
  • You will usually get an S on this map if completed

Perfect (PF)

Osu PF.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x

  • Make a single mistake and fail
  • SS or quit
  • Mod will automatically restart the beatmap when a mistake is made

Double Time (DT)

Osu DT.png

Score Multiplier: 1.12x (osu!standard, osu!taiko) , 1.06x (osu!catch), 1.00x (osu!mania; unranked)

  • BPM increased to 150%
  • Song length reduced by 33%
  • Increases AR, OD, and HP by a small amount

Nightcore (NC)

Osu NC.png

Score Multiplier: 1.12x (osu!standard, osu!taiko) , 1.06x (osu!catch), 1.00x (osu!mania; unranked)

  • Same as DT, just turns the song into a Nightcore
  • uguuuuuuuu

Hidden (HD)


Score multiplier: 1.06 (osu!,Taiko,CtB) , 1.00 (osu!mania)

  • In osu!std & osu!catch: Play with no approach circles and fading notes for a slight score advantage
  • In osu!taiko & osu!mania The notes fade out before you hit them!
  • Restricts your view but can help you to aim faster
  • Gives you silver variant if you get S or SS on play
  • you need a brain

Flashlight (FL)

Osu FL.png

Score Multiplier: 1.12x (osu!standard, osu!taiko, osu!catch), 1.00x (osu!mania; unranked)

  • Restricts your area of view
  • Gives you silver variant if you get S or SS on play

Fade In (FI)

Osu FI.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (osu!mania only; unranked)

  • Causes notes to fade in as they come to judgement bar
  • Unranked play

Special Mods[edit]

Relax (RL)

Osu RL.png

Score Multiplier: 0.00x (osu!standard, osu!taiko, osu!catch; unranked)

  • You do not need to click
  • Accuracy still matters

Autopilot (AP)

Osu AP.png

Score Multiplier: 0.00x (osu!standard only; unranked)

  • You do not need to aim
  • Click to the beat

Spun Out (SO)

Osu SO.png

Score Multiplier: 0.90x (osu!standard only)

  • Spinners are automatically coompleted
  • 286 spins per minute

Auto (AT)

Osu AT.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (unranked)

  • Beatmap is completed for you
  • Most are perfect unless messed up by slider

Cinema (CM)

Osu CM.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (unranked)

  • Shows background and storyboard
  • No game elements


Osu COOP.png

Score Multiplier: 0.70x ~ 1.00x (osu!mania only; unranked)

  • Double amount of keys
  • Play with another player

Random (RD)

Osu RD.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (osu!mania only; unranked)

  • Notes shuffled around
  • Does not affect timeline


Osu SV2.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (unranked)

  • Future scoring system
  • Scales all elements to hard limit of 1,000,000

Target Practice (TP)

Osu TP.png

Score Multiplier: 1.00x (unranked, osu!standard only)

  • Elements are changed to targets
  • Fail if a target is missed

Game Modes[edit]

osu! Standard[edit]

When speaking of osu!, people usually think of osu! Standard: the circle clicking version.

Osu!classic gameplay.gif

Osu!classic gameplay2.gif


Based on the classic drum game, osu!taiko involves the tapping of keys to hit drums.

Osu!taiko gameplay.gif


Just like any other fruit catching game, in osu!catch, you will use a character at the bottom of the screen to catch (or purposely miss) fruits that drop from the sky.

Osu!catch gameplay.gif

In this gamemode, the Relax Mode allows you to play (aim) using your mouse.


The piano version of osu!. It's similar to osu!taiko, but more complex.

Osu!mania gameplay.gif



osu!tourney is the official multi-spectator client used to view and stream all players in a multiplayer room at once.

How to setup osu!tourney


You can use an IRC Client to make a multiplayer lobby (using the osu! irc authentication), this is really usefull to make professionals tournaments.


The following chat commands are provided for remote management of multiplayer tournament rooms:

!mp make <name> - Creates a tournament room with the specified name. A maximum of 4 such rooms may be created. This room is special in that it is not closed when all players have left the room, and it is password protected from players joining this room themselves. When the room is finished, use !mp close to close the room.

!mp invite <username> - Invites a player to the room. Note that this does not bypass any private message blocks available in the osu! client, so your tournament staff will need to tell players to disable "Block private messages from non-friends" in the osu! options.

!mp lock - Locks the room so that players can’t change their team and slot.

!mp unlock - Reverses the above.

!mp size <size> - Sets the amount of available slots (1-16) in the room.

!mp set <teammode> [<scoremode>] [<size>] - Sets various room properties. teammode - 0: Head To Head, 1: Tag Coop, 2: Team Vs, 3: Tag Team Vs scoremode - 0: Score, 1: Accuracy, 2: Combo, 3: Score V2

!mp move <username> <slot> - Moves a player within the room to the specified 1-indexed slot.

!mp host <username> - Transfers host to the player.

!mp clearhost - Clears the room host.

!mp settings - Displays full room details.

!mp start [

!mp abort - Aborts the match.

!mp team <username> <colour> - Moves a player to the specified team. colour - red, blue

!mp map <mapid> [<playmode>] - Changes the beatmap and playmode of the room. playmode - 0: osu!, 1: Taiko, 2: Catch The Beat, 3: osu!Mania

!mp mods <mod> [<mod>] [<mod>] … - Removes all currently applied mods and applies these mods to the room. Any amount of mods can be entered. mod - HR, DT, FL, HD, FI, Freemod, None

!mp timer [

!mp aborttimer - Stops the current timer (both normal timers and match start timer)

!mp kick <username> - Kicks the player from the room.

!mp password [<password>] - Changes the password of the room. The password will be removed if <password> is not provided.

!mp addref <username> [<username>] … - Adds a referee to the room. A maximum of 8 referees may be added. Only the creator of the room can add a referee. Referees must join the room lobby in-game, or by entering the room's chat channel through /join #mp_<room_id> in IRC. Referees can manage the room like the creator, however they cannot add or remove other referees themselves. The osu!tourney client will show the room chat for referees.

!mp removeref <username> [<username>] … - Removes a referee from the room. Only the creator of the room can remove a referee.

!mp listrefs - Lists all referees in the room.

!mp close - Closes the room.

Sending !mp help to BanchoBot will reveal the commands.

Items enclosed within angle brackets ( <> ) define "parameters" of commands. Parameters enclosed within square brackets ( [] ) are optional. Usernames must have any whitespace be replaced with underscores ( _ ). #<userid> may substitute <username> in all of the commands.


The osu! api is really usefull to make/use osu! synced or releated programs.

MPGH Hacks for osu![edit]