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Osirus is a free open-source training software / cheat for CS:GO, written in modern C++. GUI powered by imgui. Created by Daniel Krupinski.


  • Aimbot - aim assistance
  • Triggerbot - automatically fires when crosshair is on enemy
  • Backtrack - abuse lag compensation to move players back in time
  • Glow - render glow effect on entities
  • Chams - color player models to improve visibility
  • Esp - show information about players
  • Visuals - miscellaneous visual options
  • Skin changer - change weapon skins, knives and stickers
  • Sound - modify volume of certain sound effects
  • Misc - miscellaneous features
  • Reportbot - automatically report players on server for cheating or other abusive actions
  • Config - JSON-based configuration system

External Release[edit]