Oryx’s Chamber

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Oryx's Chamber is where Oryx the Mad God, the final boss, lies. Even though Oryx the Mad God is supposed to be considered the final boss, he isn't difficult to defeat.

The only way to access this dungeon is by completing the Oryx's Castle.

Dungeon Layout[edit]

Oryx's Chamber Layout.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Oryx the Mad God[edit]

Oryx the Mad God.png

Oryx the Mad God is icon boss of the game itself. He stands in the middle of the chamber. This boss has 8 phases. The phases may come randomly. When he is first damaged, he spawns Minions of Oryxs.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

  • Oryx the Mad God says "Time for more dancing! Hahahaha!"
  • Similar to Phase 2
  • Instead of short ranged bullets and high damage shots, Oryx the Mad God fires a barrage of white shots

Phase 4:

Phase 5:

Phase 6:

Phase 7:

Phase 8:

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Anti-Spectator.png Anti-Spectator

Assassin of Oryx.png Assassin of Oryx

Black Moon.png Black Moon

Black Planet.png Black Planet

Chase Element.png Chase Element

Guardian Element.png Guardian Element

Minion of Oryx.png Minion of Oryx

Ring Element.png Ring Element

White Moon.png White Moon

White Planet.png White Planet

Drops of Interest[edit]

Health Potion.png Magic Potion.png

Health/Magic Potions

Armor T5.gif

Tier 5 Armors

Potion of Attack.png Potion of Defense.png

Potion of Defense/Attack

Weapon T6.gif

Tier 6 Weapons

Weapon T7.gif

Tier 7 Weapons

Ability T3.gif

Tier 3 Abilities

Armor T6.gif

Tier 6 Armors

Armor T7.gif

Tier 7 Armors

Ring T3.gif

Tier 3 Rings

Weapon T9.gif

Tier 9 Weapons

Ability T4.gif

Tier 4 Abilities

Armor T9.gif

Tier 9 Armors

Ring T4.gif

Tier 4 Rings

Weapon T10.gif

Tier 10 Weapons

Weapon T11.gif

Tier 11 Weapons

Ability T5.gif

Tier 5 Abilities

Armor T10.gif

Tier 10 Armors

Armor T11.gif

Tier 11 Armors

Armor T12.gif

Tier 12 Armors

Ring T5.gif

Tier 5 Rings