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Orape Client's is a free Realm of the Mad God cheat developed by JustAnoobROTMG

The first version of the cheat was released on 05-04-2014 as an automatic client updater and was originally named "OryxRape" which was later shortened to "Orape".

On 08-29-2014 the official ORape client was released.



  • Autoloot (Automatically picks set items)
  • Auto ability (Automatically uses set abilities)
  • Antilag (Disables particles, players, skins, and pets)
  • Reconnect (Allows you to reconnect to realms and portals)
  • Auto pot (Automatically drinks potions if enabled)
  • Anti-buff (Disable any effects taken)
    • On 2015 JustAnoobROTMG stopped posting the updated client on MPGH and since then a variety of users started posting it.
    • You can find more information about the features on the new threads made on the Realm of the Mad God section on MPGH.

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