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{Image} The Undead Lair is quick phased and medium-level dungeon. This dungeon was intended for medium-high level players to complete and is dropped by dropped by Ghost Gods in the God Lands.

[Image] You may also access the Undead Layer by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 100 gold.



Dungeon Boss[edit]


Septavius the Ghost God

Septavius the Ghost God is the boss of the Undead Layer. He is found in the boss room, with the ground changing direction simultaneously, there are several phases which spawns different enemies, be sure to be aware of your surrendering as well.

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

[Image] Lair Construct Titan

[Image] Lair Brown Bat

[Image] Lair Ghost Warrior

[Image] Lair Ghost Bat

[Image] Lair Reaper

[Image] Lair Vampire

[Image] Lair Vampire King

[Image] Native Sprite God

[Image] Native Sprite God

[Image] Lair Grey Spectre

[Image] Lair Blue Spectre

[Image] Lair White Spectre

[Image] Lair Construct Giant

[Image] Lair Little Black Slime

[Image] Lair Medium Black Slime

[Image] Lair Big Black Slime

[Image] Lair Little Brown Slime

[Image] Lair Big Brown Slime

[Image] Lair Mummy Pharaoh

[Image] Lair Mummy

[Image] Lair Skeleton Veteran

[Image] Lair Skeleton Swordsman

[Image] Lair Skeleton Mage

[Image] Lair Skeleton King

[Image] Lair Skeleton

[Image] Lair Ghost Rogue

[Image] Lair Ghost Knight

[Image] Lair Ghost Paladin

[Image] Lair Ghost Archer

[Image] Lair Ghost Mage

Drops of Interest[edit]

[Image] Potion of Wisdom

[Image] Wine Cellar Incantation

[Image] Doom Bow

[Image] Lil' Ghost