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The Nexus is the main spawn in Realm of the Mad God, in there you can purchase items (with Realm Gold), open mystery boxes and get into a realm.

While you are at the Nexus you are completely safe from anything and cannot get killed. In the Nexus, you can also access your Vault, Guild Hall and Pet Yard. You can also access the Arena and the Tinkerer.

To get to the Nexus while you are in a realm or a dungeon simply press the Escape button (R by default), Pressing the Nexus icon (NexusIcon.png) or by entering a Nexus portal.

Current Layout[edit]

The Nexus changes themes seasonally, and during holidays or certain events.

The current layout is:


Spawn Point[edit]


In the Spawn, you will find 3 portals and 2 different types of statues, but these are not any regular portals and statues;

  • Vault Portal:


As a new player, the first time you enter the Vault you will only have 1 storage chest available to use.

In total there are currently 100 chests that you can get by either buying them for 500 Realm Gold each or by using a Vault Chest Unlocker that can be obtained from the Login Seer (Which can be found in the Daily Quest Room) once a month.

Items that are put in the Vault will not be lost if you die.

  • Guild Hall Portal:


The Guild Hall is a place that you can access through the Nexus. In this place, you can meet your guildmates privately.

You can only access the Guild Hall if you are in a guild.

  • Pet Yard Portal:


The Pet Yard is an area where pets can be hatched, fed, and upgraded.

  • Name Change Statue:


If it's the first time you are playing Realm of the Mad God, this is where you will choose your first name, which must contain less then 10 characters and letters only.

If you'd like to change your name after you've already chosen one, you will have to pay 1000 Realm Gold.

  • Character Change Statue:


If you want to go back to the character selection screen, where you can switch to a different character, switch to a different server, or log out of your current account, head over to one of these statues which are located behind the two fountains in the spawn.

Realm Portals[edit]

Whenever you feel ready to combat again, enter one of the Realms which their portals randomly spawn here:


The number of realms available changes often, depending on the population of the current server and which realms are sealed off.

There can be up to 8 available at once, and they are named after a god in the realm.

A realm portal looks like this: