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Moderator is the rank that supersedes Minion Plus. Much like the process for the promotion to Minion Plus, the Administration are the only people able to promote someone from Minion Plus to Moderator. A Moderator still moderates their section(s) alongside their co-staff, with the ability to ban and infract users.

A Moderator's role is to be the 'higher-up' in their sections for the Minions to ask inquiries on any issue they're encountering. They are able to apply all types of punishments to users across the entire forum. Moderators can also pass judgement on staff disputes, but may have their decision superseded by a higher staff member.

Current Moderators[edit]


Thunder, a former Global Moderator, was given General Moderator in 2014. However, due to the inactivity from the former GM, he was demoted back to his original rank, Super User.