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Minion is one of the first staff positions on MPGH. Being a Minion in itself is not an easy job, therefore not everyone is applicable for the job. Minions are MPGH's first line of defense, the barrier between the uploads and the users. As a Minion, their main job on MPGH is to perform basic moderation functions and analyze files posted by users to ensure their safety.

Minions only have power over the section they moderate in specific, so they are not able to assist with their MPGH powers in any other section besides their own. A Minion has the ability to close, modify, delete, move, and bypass certain restrictions within their own section. Some of these bypasses include being able to edit posts that have exceeded the 24 hour limit, or have the ability to download any files whether or not they are approved or visible to the public. These are necessary for Minions to be able to perform their job.

Regulations and Applications[edit]

Typically most active sections will have anywhere from 2 to 4 dedicated staff members, though their rank may vary. Most of the time Minions will work under other staff members who have been on our team for some time already.

New Minions are only picked when a section is in need of them. There is no apparent limit or minimum to how many staff members can be applied to a section, some sections may not even have a Minion at all. In that case, they are typically covered by the Administration or Global Moderators.

Typically, the requirements to apply for Minion consist of 500 posts, 3 months of activity, and showing the willingness to contribute to your section prior to applying. Do not bother messaging Administration for a rank, as they only hire new staff from official application threads.

Current Minions[edit]












Obama was demoted from Staff Administrator straight back to Minion in 2011.