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Minecraft is a sandbox survival video game developed by Mojang.

It was officially released in November, 2011, after multiple beta and alpha updates were pushed, dating back to May of 2009.

Major Updates[edit]

  • June 2009 update 0.23 brought forth the multiplayer aspect of the game, with the ability to play worlds with other users
  • December 2009 update 0.30 added the survival gamemode, giving players the option to choose between survival and creative gamemodes.
  • During the Alpha stage from June 2010 to December 2010, users had to begin paying for access to the game. The prices during this time were relatively cheap.
  • March 2013 featured the introduction of redstone. This provided a circuitry mechanic much like our electrical circuits.
  • February 2016 combat changes altered sword fighting. This update gives you more critical hits if you let the game reset the sword swing cooldown, removing the spamming that was well known prior to the update.
  • Update Aquatic was a long overdue update to the water mechanics. It features more realistic water mechanics and was released in July of 2018.



The latest snapshot is 19w13b.

The latest snapshot build, named Village and Pillage, introduces multiple new items:

  • Bamboo
  • Pandas
  • More flowers - cornflower, wither rose and lily of the valley
  • Loom
  • Signs - introduction of different signs based on the wood
  • Slabs - introduction of stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick slabs
  • Stairs - introduction of stone, andesite, polished andesite, diorite, polished diorite, granite, polished granite, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick stairs
  • Walls - introduction of brick, andesite, diorite, granite, prismarine, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, nether brick, red nether brick, and end stone brick walls
  • Barrels introduced. Function of a chest
  • Bells
  • Blast furnaces
  • Smokers
  • Cartography Tables
  • Fletching Tables
  • Smithing Tables
  • Stonecutters
  • Grindstones
  • Lecterns
  • Stray cats added
  • Scaffolding. Crafted from bamboo and string
  • /loot command added
  • Lanterns added
  • Jigsaw block added
  • Pillager Outposts added in world generation
  • Sweet Berry Bushes added
  • Sweet Berries added
  • Snowy Tundra villages added
  • Jellie (cat) added
  • Mason (villager) added
  • Campfire block added
  • Composter block added. Used to produce bone meal and is crafted from 3 planks and 4 fences. Can only yield 1 bone meal once at level 8
  • Red and brown mushroom blocks can be used in a composter
  • Composter can be moved by pistons
  • Campfires and composters generate in Taiga villages
  • Stonecutter can be crafted from 3 stone blocks and 1 iron ingot
  • Stonecutter recipes updated. Andesite, diorite and granite to polished variant slabs and stairs. Smooth stone into smooth stone slabs
  • Wondering trader spawn egg added
  • Trader llama spawn egg added
  • Wondering traders found in random places in the world and provide a random variety of biome-specific item trades
  • Trader llamas have blue and gold decorations and can be equipped with carpets like normal llamas
  • Fox spawn egg added
  • Leather horse armor added
  • 5 new note block sounds added
  • Cut sandstone and cut red sandstone slabs added
  • Mobs no longer suffocate in glass
  • Iron golems now require 5 villagers to spawn rather than 10 with villagers that have recently been hurt by zombies increasing the spawn chance
  • Hero of the Village status effect added and occurs when a raid is defeated

Aquatic Update[edit]


It contains the following game updates for Minecraft Vanilla 1.13

  • Phantoms
  • Turtles
  • Swimming ability - able to sprint underwater
  • Bubble columns for breathing underwater
  • Stripping logs
  • Tridents and the enchantments for the weapon
  • Squid updates - now shoot ink to defend themselves
  • Kelp and sea grass blocks
  • Items float upwards through water
  • Prismarine stairs and slabs added
  • Underwater caves and ravines added
  • Magma blocks can now spawn at the bottom of ocean ravines when they are at lava levels, creating bubble columns
  • /locate is now a clickable link which will teleport you to the coordinates
  • Dried kelp blocks are flammable
  • Mobs are not able to spawn or replenish their breath in kelp and sea grass
  • Turtle breeding requires sea grass
  • New fish added as mobs - Cod, Salmon, Puffer Fish
  • Fish bucket item added - Cod Bucket, Salmon Bucket, Puffer Fish Bucket - contains water and the corresponding fish
  • Cod, Salmon, and Puffer Fish now spawnable in their spawn egg items
  • Dried kelp can be crafted into dried kelp blocks, which can be crafted back into dried kelp - flexibility for item transportation
  • Command, /locate, allows for different names to be used for structures originally placed under "Temple" - Desert_Pyramid, Igloo, Jungle_Pyramid, Swamp_Hut
  • Command /bossbar added
  • Command, /time, now has noon and midnight variables
  • Trapdoors, buttons, and pressure plates can now be made in all the 6 different types of wood and appear as those types of wood
  • Right-clicking a pumping block with shears will now turn it into a carved pumpkin and make it drop 4 pumpkin seeds
  • Bark can be crafted
  • Dispensers can be crafted with any bow, regardless of its current durability state
  • Carrot on a stick can now be crafted with a damaged fishing rod
  • Underwater ruins have been added
  • Corals come in 5 different colors - Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Dead coral cannot be revived - coral die when it is placed outside of water
  • Able to put markers on maps using banners
  • Buried treasure has been added to world generation - found by using exploration maps
  • Exploration maps can be found in underwater ruin chests
  • Dead coral come in the 5 different color variants - Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Water can be placed in chests, trapped chests, stairs, slabs, fences, walls, iron bars, glass panes, ender chests, trapdoors, ladders, and signs - water will flow out of the blocks, but cannot flow into them (the water source block must be inside the block)
  • Water won't go through "solid" faces
  • Coral Reefs will generate in warm ocean biomes and contain coral with coral plants
  • Shulker boxes can be undyed using cauldrons, decreasing water levels in the cauldron by one
  • F3 + C will copy your current location to your clipboard
  • Drowned mobs added
  • Phantom membrane item added
  • Potion of Slow Falling added
  • Arrow of Slow Falling added
  • Blue Ice and Condult blocks added
  • Heart of the Sea item added
  • Nautilus Shell item added
  • Dolphins added
  • New world type added known as Buffet
  • Optimze World feature added
  • Stripped bark blocks added
  • Packed ice can now be crafted from 9 ice blocks
  • Dead coral fans added
  • Bone meal can be used in warm ocean biomes to grow coral
  • Bone meal can be used in warm ocean biomes to grow coral fan

Game Modes[edit]


Creative mode allows you to fly around, place blocks, and make structures without needing to gather resources.


Survival mode requires you to gather resources, while also killing mobs to keep your food levels high and survive during the night against Skeletons, Creepers, Zombies, and Spiders.


Adventure mode is similar to the survival mode, except you cannot break or place blocks. This gamemode is used for adventure type maps made by the community which can be downloaded here.


The spectator mode was recently added and can only be achieved if you have permission to use /gamemode The command will not show spectator as an option but typing "/gamemode spectator" will give you the ability to enter spectator mode. You will appear invisible to all users, being able to travel through blocks at a fast speed. You cannot break or place blocks, and you cannot attack anything.

Minecraft Custom Modifications[edit]

Minecraft allows you to customise your full gaming experience.

If you don't like the default Minecraft textures, you can apply a custom texture pack which can be found here.

There are texture packs ranging from realistic textures to solid color textures which look terrible!

If you want to expand your gaming experience more, you can use Forge and install some Minecraft mods which allows you to do some custom things outside of the vanilla game.

A great mod you should try is the Pokemon mod called Pixelmon! This uses Pokemon logic in the Minecraft world, allowing you to roam around, visit Pokecenters and Pokemarts to heal or purchase items. You can also travel to different towns, catching Pokemon, battling trainers and also gym leaders. There are dedicated servers for this mod as well!


Optifine is a great addon to your Minecraft experience since it gives you more options to enhance your FPS etc. Since Minecraft capes are essentially impossible to retrieve now, using Optifine allows you to purchase capes for money to roam the multiplayer worlds and show off your custom capes.

Please note only players using the Optifine client will see your capes.


Shaders is an enhancer which makes your Minecraft world seem real-life. It changes your lighting effects, water textures, tree movements etc. You can either install them as a mod using Forge or with Optifine.

Please note you will need a good graphics card to run this and still have 60fps at 1080p resolution.

Minecraft Servers[edit]

Minecraft servers were introduced in the July 2009 update, enabling users to play together.

As of 2018, there are over 410,000 Minecraft servers registered on Minecraft Server List which are active.

Our top three popular Minecraft server picks are:

  • Mineplex
  • Hypixel
  • Skycade