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MPGH Official Middlemen[edit]

Middleman: A person who arranges business or political deals between other people.

Middlemen play a large part in the MPGH Marketplace. Middlemen are involved in resolving scam reports in the scammers' grave.

Up until January 2016, Middlemen were tasked with helping MPGH users trade by holding and assuring trades went smoothly without scams. In January of 2016 MPGH decided to discontinue Middleman trading services due to unknown reasons. As of August of 2018, the Middleman trading service is still discontinued.

Current Middlemen[edit]

The team is lead by Global Moderator Psychotic and Staff Administrator [[Hero], who are the Head Official Middlemen and in charge of all OMMs. (Official Middlemen)







How are MPGH Middlemen chosen?[edit]

Middlemen are picked through a heavily vetted application process. A MPGH Admin will usually open a thread whenever there is a OMM shortage due to resignations/demotions. Members then can apply if they meet the requirements and only the most trusted and reputable members are chosen for the job.

How can I get in contact with current Middlemen?[edit]

The Middleman lounge is where you can ask for assistance/help directly from OMMs.