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The Marketplace section is comprised of five main sections.

  • User Services
    • Currency Exchange
    • Vouch Copy Profiles
  • Selling Accounts/Keys/Items
    • eBooks For Sale
    • Shops
  • Buying Accounts/Keys/Items
  • Trade Accounts/Keys/Items
  • Work & Job Offers

It contains miscellaneous sections which are not used as platforms for trading/buying/selling. The sections are:

  • Marketplace Talk
    • Marketplace Price Check/Questions
    • Middleman Lounge
  • Cryptocurrency Talk
    • Cryptocurrency Investment
    • Cryptocurrency tutorial
    • CrytoWallets
    • Crytocurrency Mining & Pools
  • Coupons, Deals and Discounts
  • Giveaways
  • Scammer Grave
    • Blacklist Alert
    • Private Reports
    • Private Scam Tips

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User Services[edit]

User Services is one of the most active sections of the Marketplace, providing users access to social engineering and refunding services. It also provides several other services such as betting, PayPal verification, Spotify upgrades, and education email creations. User Services also contains two sub-sections; Vouch Copy Profiles and Currency Exchange.

Selling Accounts/Keys/Items[edit]

Selling Accounts/Keys/Items is an often visited section by guests alike since your everyday accounts are sold here. If you're looking for some Netflix accounts, Spotify accounts, Steam accounts, etc, you can come to this section to find yourself some cheap cracked accounts which can sometimes be full access. Selling Accounts/Keys/Items contains two sub-sections; eBooks For Sale and Shops.

Buying Accounts/Keys/Items[edit]

If you need an account for a site and you cannot find any in the Selling Account/Keys/Items section, feel free to make a thread in the Buying Accounts/Keys/Items section. It may take a while for someone to offer you what you're looking for. Be sure to add a price range so sellers know how much you're willing to spend!

Trade Accounts/Keys/Items[edit]

Got something you don't want and have something in mind which you want to get? Welcome to the Trade Accounts/Keys/Items section! Here, you'll be able to find people posting their offers of what they're selling in return for what they want.

Work & Job Offers[edit]

The Work & Job Offers section is a place for users to hire others, or for users to offer themselves for other people's services, such as refunding or social engineering.

Elite Selling/Trading/Buying[edit]

This section is for the 'elite' of MPGH. You are considered elite once you've reached 2000 posts, or have donated for Premium or Premium Seller. You can also view this section if you're in any user group which is not Member Level 1, Banned, or Cocksucker. This section is designated for users who want their thread near the top and purchased by the elite users of MPGH. The sub-section, Premium Seller Vault, is designated solely for those who are Premium Seller. This section allows only Premium Seller users to purchase/sell/trade with other Premium Sellers.


The Giveaways section is a place for you to be generous and giveaway something to other users on MPGH. You are required to state when the giveaway will end, and once it does, you'll need to give the prize to the winner within 24 hours. This is a great place for you to try and get some freebies, such as accounts.

Coupons, Deals and Discounts[edit]

The Coupons, Deals and Discounts section is a place for users to post discounts of anything on sites/services which are for a limited time. It's a great section to visit if you want to purchase a service on a website and want to know if there's a discount occurring.

Marketplace Talk[edit]

The Marketplace Talk section is for you to ask questions about anything related to the marketplace. If you want a price check, feel free to use the Marketplace Price Check/Questions sub-section.

Cryptocurrency Talk[edit]

With the growing nature of cryptocurrency in the world, it's good to prepare yourself when cryptocurrencies become the main trend for transactions. The Cryptocurrency Talk section provides you several sub-sections which explains how cryptocurrency works and how you can get involved in it.

Scammer Grave[edit]

Did you get scammed recently? MPGH provides a section for you to report scams that have occurred to you by another MPGH user. The Scammer Grave section is a great place to visit before initiating a trade, especially if the user is new. It allows you to prevent being scammed by known scammers.