Lost Halls

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Lost Halls Portal.png Cultist Closed.png Cultist Open.png Void Portal.png


The Lost Halls is currently the end game dungeon, and will most likely keep that title for a while. There are three possible bosses you may fight in this dungeon: the Marble Colossus, the Cultists, and the Void Entity. This dungeon drops an exclusive paladin, necromancer, and trickster set, which are seeked by many players due to their stats and rarity. Teleportation is disabled in this dungeon.

Lost Halls Key.png The key to access The Lost Halls may be purchased in the Nexus for 200 gold.

Dungeon Layout[edit]

Lost Halls Layout.png

Cultist Hideout Layout.png

The Void Layout.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Marble Colossus[edit]

Marble Colossus.png

The Marble Colossus is the main boss in the Lost Halls. It's location is not a quest, so people in the dungeon must clear and hope for the best. This boss has 15 phases before it dies.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

  • Taunt: “You doubt my strength? FATUUS! I will destroy you!”
  • Chases and shoots at nearest player

Phase 3:

  • Taunt: “You doubt my strength? FATUUS! I will destroy you!”
  • Moves to center of room
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock

Phase 4:

  • Taunt: Your fervent attacks are no match for my strength! BEGONE!”
  • Shoots tentacles of shots
  • Shoots shots that paralyze
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock

Phase 5:

  • Taunt: “INSOLENTIA! Darkness will consume you!”
  • Circles room 1 and 1/3 times
  • Fires confuse shots
  • Wide range bombs

Phase 6:

  • Taunt: “Brace for your demise!”
  • Moves to center of room
  • Shoots two tentacles
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock

Phase 7:

  • Taunt: “Futility!”
  • Shoots armor piercing shots in a circle
  • Shoots quiet bombs

Phase 8:

  • Taunt: “Call of voice, for naught. Plea of mercy, for naught. None may enter this chamber and live!”
  • Chases players
  • Shoots paralyzing shots
  • Taunt: “SANGUIS! OSSE! CARO! Feel it rend from your body!”
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock
  • Taunt: “PESTIS! The darkness consumes!”

Phase 9:

Phase 10:

Phase 11:

Phase 12:

  • Taunt: “PATI! The prohibited arts allow untold power!”
  • Despawn Marble Colossus Rock
  • Dashes and shoots at nearest player

Phase 13:

  • Taunt: “It is my duty to protect these catacombs! You dare threaten my purpose?”
  • Moves to center of room
  • Shoots quiet bombs
  • Shoots unstable shots

Phase 14:

  • Taunt: “Magia saps from my body… My immense physical strength STILL REMAINS!”
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock
  • Shoots at nearest player
  • Taunt: “Fear the halls!”
  • Taunt: “I… I am… Dying…”
  • Possible Insta

Phase 15: Survival

  • Taunt: “You… YOU WILL COME WITH ME!”
  • Shoots eight lasers
  • Shoots quiet bombs
  • Spawns Marble Colossus Rock
  • Spawn Marble Colossus Pillar
  • Rotation of lasers change frequently


  • Taunt: “I feel myself… Slipping… Into the void… It is so… Dark…”
  • Option to open The Void with Vial of Pure Darkness


Malus.png Argus.png Gaius.png Basaran.png Dirge.png

Malus, Argus, Gaius, Basaran, Dirge

These are the five cultists of The Cultist Hideout. Each have three phases.

Phase 1:

  • Teleports around, fires shots that deal different status effects depending on which cultist it is
  • Summons Molek
  • Summons Balaam
  • Other cultist sacrifice themselves to Malus when enough damage is done
  • Taunt: “The power…it’s overwhelming! IT PULSES THROUGH ME!”

Phase 2:

  • Taunt: “Rise, my friends! Strike them down!”
  • Teleport to random locations
  • Can use any attack from any cultist
  • Spawns symbols at edges of pentagram

Phase 3:

  • Taunt: “Even if you are victorious, that…that THING still crawls in the halls! You make an irredeemable mistake by defeating the only people keeping it suppressed!”
  • Fires a barrage of shots until death


Molek.png Balaam.png

Molek, Balaam

Molek spawns Molek Flames and Fire Demons around the room. He will also either chase players while firing spreads of red orbs, stay at a distance while firing streams of red orbs or circle the center of the room while firing spreads of fire shots.

Balaam will either shoot radial bursts of Green Shots that inflict darkness and return to him, spreads of Blue Shots that pierce armor, or shoot 3-directional Red Shots that are slow but deal enormous damage and pierce players. Once enough damage is done, he splits into three that each do one of the mentioned phases.

Void Entity[edit]

Void Entity.png

The Void Entity is arguably one of the hardest bosses to complete without a group. Every shot that the boss shoots does 150 damage or more. This boss consists of eight phases.

Phase 1:

  • Taunt: “Those who enter my realm have little value of their lives.”
  • Taunt: “Ah, heroes, blessed souls…I shall destroy you with the power of shadow!”
  • Taunt: “Ah, heroes, blessed souls…I shall destroy you with the power of shadow!”
  • Taunt: “The essence of time favors me!”
  • Void Entity begins to circle room shooting an assortment of shots

Phase 2:

  • Taunt: “My army will put an end to your meaningless lives.”
  • Taunt: “Spirits of transgression, I command you to swarm these blights!”
  • Same behavior as Phase 1.
  • Spawns Void Fragments.

Phase 3:

  • Taunt: “Feel the might of darkness!” or “The anguish you feel is the wrath of your own creation!”
  • Splits arena in two with Pure Evil.
  • Continues to circle and attack.
  • Might move to the middle and shoot lasers or fidget spinners

Phase 4:

  • Taunt: “The likes of Esben and the Forgotten King were expendable vessels, just as you shall be!”
  • Taunt: “You will pay for freeing the Marble Colossus!”
  • Continues to circle, but at a faster speed.

Phase 5:

  • Taunt: “Yes, become one with the void!”
  • Taunt: “Experience the pain of sin!”
  • Splits arena in half again.
  • Same behavior as Phase 3.

Phase 6:

  • Taunt: “I have fed off the sorrow and hatred of the lost souls… AND I WILL FEED AGAIN!”
  • Taunt: “HA HA HA! You shall be enveloped by darkness!”
  • Continues to circle, but even faster than Phase 4.

Phase 7:

Phase 8:

  • Taunt: “As your existence fades, remember it is an honor to have it ended at my hands!”
  • Shoots Star Wars/Fidget Spinners/Meatballs (Blueberries)
  • Spawns Greater Void Shades


  • Taunt: “…”
  • Changes into Marble Colossus, Malus, Esben the Unwilling, the Killer Bee Queen, and the Forgotten King
  • Taunt: “No…NO! THIS IS NOT THE END!”
  • Changes into a flame
  • Taunt: “You fools..you can never truly defeat me! I am in all of you! I AM all of you!”
  • Taunt: “I am the embodiment of your own sin! To destroy me would be to destroy yourselves!”
  • Heals and becomes vulnerable
  • Taunt: “Naivety! You really think you have won? The inevitable has merely been delayed. One day you shall all be slain, and on that day I will claim your souls in vengeance.”

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Lost Halls[edit]

Commander of the Crusade.png Commander of the Crusade

Crusade Explorer.png Crusade Explorer

Crusade Shipwright.png Crusade Shipwright

Crusade Soldier.png Crusade Soldier

Champion of Oryx.png Champion of Oryx

Oryx Admiral.png Oryx Admiral

Oryx Armorbearer.png Oryx Armorbearer

Oryx Swordsman.png Oryx Swordsman

Grotto Bat.png Grotto Bat

Grotto Rat.png Grotto Rat

Grotto Slime.png Grotto Slime

Tormented Golem.png Tormented Golem

Golem of Anger.png Golem of Anger

Golem of Fear.png Golem of Fear

Golem of Sorrow.png Golem of Sorrow

Spectral Sentry.png Spectral Sentry

Treasure Pot.png Treasure Pot

Evil Spirit.png Evil Spirit

Cultist Hideout[edit]

Follower of Malus.png Follower of Malus

Follower of Argus.png Follower of Argus

Follower of Gaius.png Follower of Gaius

Follower of Basaran.png Follower of Basaran

Follower of Dirge.png Follower of Dirge

Fire Demon.png Fire Demon

Ice Demon.png Ice Demon

Lightning Demon.png Lightning Demon


Void Fragment.png Void Fragment

Void Shade.png Void Shade

Greater Void Shade.png Greater Void Shade

Drops of Interest[edit]



Tier 13 Weapons.gif

Tier 13 Weapons

Tier 14 Armors.gif

Tier 14 Armors

Weapon T12.gif

Tier 12 Weapons

Ability T6.gif

Tier 6 Abilities

Armor T13.gif

Tier 13 Armors


Tier 6 Rings

Vial of Pure Darkness.png

Vial of Pure Darkness


Stat Increase Potions

Potion of Defense.png Potion of Attack.png

Potion of Defence/Attack

Potion of Mana.png Potion of Life.png

Potion of Life/Mana

Sword of the Colossus.png

Sword of the Colossus

Marble Seal.png

Marble Seal

Breastplate of New Life.png

Breastplate of New Life

Magical Lodestone.png

Magical Lodestone

Bow of the Void.png

Bow of the Void

Quiver of the Shadows.png

Quiver of the Shadows

Armor of Nil.png

Armor of Nil



Staff of Unholy Sacrifice.png

Staff of Unholy Sacrifice

Skull of Corrupted Souls.png

Skull of Corrupted Souls

Ritual Robe.png

Ritual Robe

Bloodshed Ring.png

Bloodshed Ring

Carved Golem Remains.png

Carved Golem Remains

Brain of the Golem.png

Brain of the Golem

Golem Garments.png

Golem Garments

Rusty Cuffs.png

Rusty Cuffs

Omnipotence Ring.png

Omnipotence Ring