Lair of Shaitan

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Lair of Shaitan Portal.png

The Lair of Shaitan is an extremely difficult, single roomed dungeon. This dungeon only consists of a boss fight, and drops the Skull of Endless Torment, one of the rarest items in the game.

This dungeon is one of the few dungeons accessed via the Court of Oryx.

Shaitan's Key.png You may also access the Lair of Shaitan by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 200 gold.


Shaitan Layout.png

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Shaitan the Advisor[edit]

Shaitan Boss Left.png Shaitan Boss Head.png Shaitan Boss Right.png

Shaitan the Advisor is the boss of the dungeon. He sits in the pit of lava at the top half of the boss room. To his left and right are two hands that move around and paralyze you. He has four phases, but all of them do the same things. The only difference between each phases is how fast he spawns minions, and his damage output. The boss is invulnerable for most of the phase and only becomes damageable after you kill both hands.

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Creepy Small Hands.png Creepy Small Hands

Hand of Shaitan.png Hand of Shaitan

Creepy Small Heads.png Creepy Small Heads

Shtrs Test Chest.png Test Chest

Drops of Interest[edit]

Potion of Attack.png

Potion of Attack

Tincture of Dexterity.png

Tincture of Dexterity

Effusion of Defense.png

Effusion of Defense

Skull of Endless Torment.png

Skull of Endless Torment

Large Flame Cloth.png Small Flame Cloth.png

Large/Small Flame Cloth

Large Heavy Chainmail Cloth.png Small Heavy Chainmail Cloth.png

Large/Small Heavy Chainmail Cloth

The Chariot Tarot Card.png

The Chariot Tarot Card