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Since the time MPGH started there has been many influential members. The first people who had great influence were the Administrators, Dave84311 & arunforce. As MPGH turned into a community driven forum, there became more influential members. Now there are hundreds of influential members, all throughout the 900+ (sub-)sections.

Our Top 10 Picks[edit]


  • Dave84311 made MPGH as it is today. Dave84311 has managed the MPGH VIP system (now closed), the MPGH Wiki system (now closed), and the MPGH staff selection system before Obama and Liz stepped into the picture. He also worked each day, patching exploits found in the vBulletin system. If there are any issues found on MPGH, Dave84311 would generally be the one to fix such issues. Without him, MPGH would not be functioning today.


  • arunforce worked alongside Dave84311 to fix issues within the forum board. He introduced the Premium Seller user group which can only be purchased through him, and the MPGH advertisement system which allows you to advertise your website/shop in the header section of MPGH for millions of users to view. If you would prefer to purchase an advertisement in a specific section, you can also contact arunforce to arrange for your thread to be stickied in the section for a price per week.


  • Liz worked alongside Obama from Moderator, Global Moderator, and then Staff Administrator, looking after the site when Dave84311 and arunforce were busy. She contributed to the staff application and selection process.


  • Obama worked as a Staff Administrator. Prior to the downfall, he had contributed to the site through moderation and staff selection. He has been known to be strict on enforcement.


  • Ravallo contributed as a General Moderator, and then becoming a Global Moderator. He set an example for the Official Middlemen of MPGH, showing how they should deal with scam reports, and Middleman trades.

Hugo Boss

  • Hugo Boss revamped the Marketplace with his Middleman team to provide a safe trading environment that followed from Ravallo's reign. In late 2015, Hugo Boss was made Head Official Middleman again, succeeding Symmetrical to lead the new Middleman team.


  • Hero is one of the longest serving staff on MPGH. He currently serves as a writer for Global News in the News Force. His decisions in Staff Disputes have the biggest impact due to his long term service and knowledge.


  • Flengo was an ex-Contributor who made hacks for the MPGH community. He would become a Minion, Minion Plus, and then jump all the way to Global Moderator. Prior to his resignation, he would be a mentor for the Middleman team. His long term service proved useful for the Middleman team in the midst of scam reports. He also contributed to the News Force at one point as an Interviewer and also revamped the Publicist team. He has made the Publicist what it is today. Flengo later returned to his former Global Moderator promotion, eventually being promoted to Staff Administrator.


  • master131 worked as a Minion and moved up the ranks to Global Moderator. He contributed his extensive knowledge of malicious files in his moderation, and would later become a Game Hacking Team member, following his resignation from Global Moderator. When there is an approved file which turns out to be malicious, you'll see a thread made by master131 within a few hours to a few days later explaining how to remove the malicious file. He also contributes his own injector called "Extreme Injector". The latest version is Extreme Injector v3.7.3


  • Psychotic formed the News Force back in 2012. He has been Head Editor multiple times and has made a significant impact to MPGH traditions. We now see the news on the front page of MPGH each week! In 2016, Psychotic became the Head Official Middleman, leading the newly formed Middlemen. He revamped the blacklist system and made changes to the Marketplace for good, such as the requirement for your Skype to be typed in plain text on the thread.