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HeroicXPharaoh is a former Moderator, and one of the best Middlemen in the history of MPGH.

Current Positions[edit]

Former Positions[edit]

First period as Middleman[edit]

During his first period as an official middleman, HeroicXPharaoh was able to cement himself as one of the greatest middlemen of all time, when he managed to complete over 120 trades in his first full month, along with solving over 200 scam reports. His competition with FanticSteal lead to arguably the greatest era in MPGH Market history, where both users exerted a gigantic amount of effort to top each other, leading to fast resolutions of scam reports and less scams in general.


Heroic resigned less than 2 days after achieving his goal of Moderator due to studying. Nowadays, Heroic spends his time playing games, and trying to survive the difficult life of a college student.