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The Head Administrator has full control over MPGH. Dave84311 is the owner and Head Administrator, looking after the Global Moderator selections, Game Hacking Team selections, and addressing any issues found which cannot be resolved by other staff. Only the most sensitive and important issues reach Dave, as he is the only one who care take care of a huge list of issues.

Dave is the original member of MPGH, the first user of all time. His user ID is 1, and he has the highest rank on MPGH. Dave handles all of the administrative tasks at the highest level. He is the one who decides the rules, decides which sections exist, decides what ranks to make, and decides what content should exist on his website.

Along with arunforce, Dave built the hacking empire we know today starting back in 2004. Him and arunforce are the two founding members of MPGH, and run the site to this day.

Current Head Administrator[edit]



Dave has been the only Head Administrator since MPGH's founding.