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Global Moderators are MPGH's last line of defense. The mighty guardians of the very MPGH vault itself. Global moderators, typically shortened to GMs, are the final tier between Moderation and Administration. They enforce MPGH law at every degree, from minor offenders to repeated scammers. Being a Global Moderator has a long list of responsibilities, which includes (but is not limited to) moderating every section on the forum, passing judgment on scam reports and staff disputes, investigating possible ban evaders, and assisting the general user base.

Typically, a Global Moderator must start from the very bottom and work their way up. Starting at Minion, then Minion Plus, and finally Moderator being the last position prior to Global Moderator. In some rare cases, exceptional staff members may skip ranks like in the case of Ahlwong or Flengo. This is, however, rare and spread thin.

Global Moderators have the power to moderate any section of the forum, as well as punish any user they see fit.

Current Global Moderators[edit]






Did you know Hero was our longest-running Global Moderator, being a dedicated member of the Global Moderator team for over 5 years! He was promoted to Staff Administrator but later resigned on the 30-04-2019.