Forest Maze

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Forest maze dungeon pic.png

The Forest Maze is also an easy and low-level dungeon. This dungeon was added in Build 13.2, intended for lower level players to complete.

This dungeon is found in the Lowlands and Midlands dropped by Goblin Mages, Elf Wizards, Hobbit Mages, Wasp Queens, Dwarf Kings, Drake Babies and Enraged Bunnies.

Forest Maze Key.png You may also access the Forest Maze by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 50 gold.


Forest Maze Layout.jpg

Dungeon Boss[edit]

Mama Megamoth.png

Mama Megamoth

Mama Megamoth is the boss of the Forest Maze. She is found in a large, square-shaped room. She is surrounded by five Mini Megamoths.

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

UltimateSquirrel.png Ultimate Squirrel

ForestGoblinMage.png Forest Goblin Mage

ForestGoblin.png Forest Goblin

ArmoredSquirrel.png Armored Squirrel

MiniMegamoth.png Mini Megamoth

Drops of Interest[edit]


Speed Sprout


  • Speedy for 5 seconds

Dropped by:


Common Eggs

Dropped by: