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What is thread approval and how long does it take?[edit]

When a new thread is created in the Marketplace, it undergoes an approval procedure. The MPGH Staff check to see if the thread created is within rules. Its highly important the seller read the section's rule as well as the general rules before submitting a thread. It can take anywhere from 12-24 hours for a thread to be approved, so be patient. If the thread is approved, it will automatically appear on the marketplace. You will not be notified of its approval, so always be on the look out for your thread. However, you will also be notified if it is denied. If you continually break the marketplace rules, you may also face punishment such as infractions or a ban.

How can I edit my thread?[edit]

After 24 hours has past from the time of the thread's creation, you can no longer edit the post yourself. This is done because it ensures that a user cannot try to change their contact information in a scam attempt, or so a seller cannot change or modify their thread to content that breaks the rules. You will need to ask an MPGH staff member to edit the thread. You can do this by making a post on your thread mentioning Marketplace staff or a Global Moderator.

Check the Current staff to see who is a current staff member that can assist you. Simply message one of them, or mention them in your thread also including the edits for the staff to make.

You can also report your own thread and ask for a thread title change as well as its contents. The report button should be below your avatar card. It is a triangle with an exclamation mark.

Why are some threads highlighted yellow?[edit]

This is a perk of purchasing the Premium Seller rank. To obtain it, you must pay a one time fee of 100$ USD.