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How to purchase items from MPGH sellers?[edit]

You can browse the main MPGH market place here. There are 2 different primary ways of purchasing goods through MPGH. The first way is to make a buy request, in which you go into section like "Buying Accounts/Keys/Items" and make a thread describing what you are looking for. The rules state that a form of contact information must be listed for your thread to be considered valid. NOTE: Discord is not a valid form of contact on MPGH.

How to stay safe when buying on MPGH[edit]

Check if the user is trusted. You can do this by checking the thread for vouches posted by reputable members. You can also check how long the seller has been a member for, as well as how active they are on the forums (if they have thousand's of posts, then they are usually active). You must always keep in mind that anyone can be a scammer. Always take as many precautions of possible to stay safe. It is possible to hire an official middleman to oversee your trade, however they do charge for this service and only certain middlemen offer this service.

I think I've been scammed, what do I do?[edit]

Some MPGH Sellers have a heavy load on them and may just be busy. Message the seller on his/her preferred means of contact and try to sort it out. If he/she does not respond within 24 hours or you cannot sort out the issue, file a scam report in the Scammers Grave section. Please be sure to use the correct format when you create a post. View the correct format you should use when filing a scam report here. A staff member should reply to your report within 24-48 hours, informing you on what steps you should take or what actions will be taken.