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CrossFire is a free-to-play first-person shooter online video game developed by SmileGate.

In CrossFire there are multiple modes to choose from but the most popular one is 5v5 Search & Destroy (SnD) where you get to choose from two sides “Black List” and “Global Risk”, fighting each other in order to complete the based objectives set for both teams. The goal is to plant/defuse the C4 bomb or eliminate all the opponents. One game usually takes around 30 minutes and is split up into 12 rounds (The team with most rounds won wins the game). If 6-6 happens, the game will end in a tie.

After the match, all the players gain XP and GP (Game Points).


New Scripts 2016[edit]

New Scripts is a couple of scripts that have been composed by GMMasterNo.1 for the community to enjoy. They are absolutely free, and anyone can use them. If you want some scripts to improve your gameplay, consider checking these out. The link to the MPGH thread is below.

Ban Types[edit]

14 days ban[edit]

  • Caused by using a detected cheats for the first time.

30 days ban[edit]

  • Caused by using a detected cheats for the second time.

Permenant ban[edit]

  • Caused by using a detected cheats for the thrid time or attempting in a chargeback against Z8Games.

Weapon types[edit]

  • Pistols
  • Heavy
  • Smgs
  • Rifles
  • Knives

VVIP System[edit]

  • Special kind of a system that provides a lot of extra advantages like extra EXP and GP to the players willing to spend more money on the game.