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Cocksucker has been a changing user group over the era of MPGH. Prior to the Cocksucker change in 2015, any user given Cocksucker would be entrusted with such rank for 6 months. In mid 2015, arunforce changed the duration to 4 months. The Cocksucker user group was originally one which came with many punishments for users who are ranked as a Cocksucker.

The previous punishments were:

  • Requiring to be voted out of Cocksucker
  • No profile changes even if you have Premium Member or meet the post requirements

Punishments which are still active:

  • Can be flamed at but can't flame others
  • First letter of each word is capitalized
  • 50x50 avatar
  • Cocksucker cleansing week (a week where all Cocksuckers are banned)

To get into this user group, you'd generally be voted in if you are atrocious to MPGH and/or arunforce


Dildo has been given permanent Cocksucker. This means he will be stuck with the user group for the duration of MPGH's lifetime. Feel free to flame him whenever you want to.