Candyland Hunting Grounds

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Candyland Portal.png

The Candyland Hunting Grounds is an intermediate difficulty dungeon designed for mid-advanced level players. In this dungeon, you must kill minions in order to spawn bosses and there is not a set limit to how many bosses you are allowed to fight. This dungeon is dropped by the Candy Gnome, a rare enemy in the Midlands. Only one Candy Gnome is spawned per realm.

Candy Key.png You may also buy the key in the Nexus for 200 gold.


Candyland Layout.jpg

Dungeon Boss[edit]



The Gigacorn shoots armor piercing shots that deal 70 or 90 damage. Melee characters should take caution when fighting this boss, as you will die if you sit on him. You may spawn this boss by killing Unicorns.



The MegaRototo is a boss that either shoots shots in your direction, or shoots shots all around. The boss also spawns Tiny Rototos. You may spawn this boss by killing a Rototo.

Swoll Fairy[edit]

Swoll Fairy.png

The Swoll Fairy shoots shots that confuse you, but don't deal much damage. It spawns Fairies during the fight, and can be spawned by killing a Beefy Fairy.

Desire Troll[edit]

Desire Troll.png

The Desire Troll will shoot shots that hallucinate as well as stun you, while also lobbing bombs that deal significant damage to players of all levels. You may spawn this boss by killing a Wishing Troll.

Spoiled Creampuff[edit]

Spoiled Creampuff.png

The Spoiled Creampuff shoots shots of high damage that deal slow, and spawns Big Creampuffs and Small Creampuffs during the fight. You have a chance to spawn this boss after killing a Big Creampuff.

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Beefy Fairy.png Beefy Fairy

Big Creampuff.png Big Creampuff

Fairy.png Fairy

Gumball Machine.png Gumball Machine

Hard Candy.png Hard Candy

Rototo.png Rototo

Small Creampuff.png Small Creampuff

Spilled Icecream.png Spilled Icecream

Tiny Rototo.png Tiny Rototo

Unicorn.png Unicorn

Wishing Troll.png Wishing Troll

Drops of Interest[edit]

Potion of Attack.png

Potion of Attack

Potion of Defense.png

Potion of Defense

Potion of Wisdom.png

Potion of Wisdom

Candy-Coated Armor.png

Candy-Coated Armor

Fairy Plate.png

Fairy Plate



Peppermint Snail Egg.png

Peppermint Snail Egg

Pixie-Enchanted Sword.png

Pixie-Enchanted Sword

Ring of Pure Wishes.png

Ring of Pure Wishes

Candy Ring.png

Candy Ring

Rock Candy.png

Rock Candy

Seal of the Enchanted Forest.png

Seal of the Enchanted Forest

The Sun Tarot Card.png

The Sun Tarot Card


Wine Cellar Incantation