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Items with the rarity "Beta" are items that were only available during the Official Recreo Mortem Open Beta. They are considered extremely exclusive as well as expensive. Some Beta items can easily be toted as the rarest items in the game.

Omega Items[edit]

Omega Items were "super-charged" items originally obtainable during the Official Open Beta. These items were obtainable from the Beta Shop or the Beta Box. An Omega armor was 150 Massive Legend Tokens, Omega weapons were 200, and the Crown was 250. They were also a 1% chance roll on the Beta Box.

After full release, these items have become less powerful but still remain at the top.

Beta Rings[edit]

These rings were awarded to Beta Players and Beta Legends, and are extremely exclusive. While they do not resurrect, they have a great fame bonus and massive stat bonuses as well.

Early Donation Rings[edit]

These rings are reskins of the pre-nerfed custom resurrection rings we have added to the server. They are in order reskinned Necklace of Radiance, Talisman of Life, and Divinity Stone. These 3 reskins retain the original stats of the 3 previously mentioned items.