Belladonna’s Garden

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Belladonna's Garden Portal.png

The Belladonna's Garden was released Valentine season of 2014, for Player Appreciation Week. This dungeon consists only of a boss fight.

Bella's Key.png The only way to access this portal is through the Bella's Key. They are only available through purchase in the Nexus during an event.

Dungeon Layout[edit]

Belladona's Garden Layout.jpg

Dungeon Boss[edit]



The boss of Belladonna's Garden starts in the middle of the room. This boss has two phases.

Phase 1:

  • Belladonna moves around and shoots shots all around it
  • Deal enough damage to pass this phase

Phase 2:

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

Vlntns Bella Buds.png Bella Buds

Vlntns Red.png Immaculate Red Flower

Vlntns Red.png Breathtaking White Flower

Vlntns Red.png Gorgeous Yellow Flower

Drops of Interest[edit]

T9 Cupid's Bow.png

Cupid's Bow

T9 Diamond Bladed Katana.png

Diamond Bladed Katana

T9 Heartfind Dagger.png

Heartfind Dagger

T9 Staff of Adoration.png

Staff of Adoration

T9 Vinesword.png


T9 Wand of Budding.png

Wand of Budding Romance

Bashing Bride Skin.png

Bashing Bride Skin

Eligible Bachelor Skin.png

Eligible Bachelor Skin