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Beachzone Portal.png

Are you ready to party? The Beachzone is a meme dungeon that drops some of this dank drank Beach Party Madness.gif. Each one boosts a different stat temporarily, and is dropped by the Masked Party God.

Long ago, Oryx wanted to have a tropical vacation and ended up stumbling upon some beach

Beachzone layout.png.

Deciding that this would be his final destination, Oryx rummaged around through the island unexpectedly finding an ugly, drunk party boi (the Masked Party God).

Masked Party God.png

This drunk boi didn't like to fight. He left the fighting to his brother Mixcoatl the Masked God. Instead he would just heal himself when damaged.

Oryx, being the cuck he is, kicked him off of the island, leaving him a hobo. If you find this guy, you'll know it's a drunk hobo.

Beach Bum.png

If you're a serious cunt and kill that harmless hobo, he will drop you a key that will create a portal leading you back in time, to before Oryx kicked him off the island...

Beachzone Key.png

The only other way to obtain this key is through killing event chests.