Battle for the Nexus

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Battle Nexus Portal.png

The Battle for the Nexus was released in September of 2013 after there was a security breach in the game (Thanks, SwatSec). The bosses in this dungeon are based on the bosses that SwatSec spawned in the nexus, except their HPs are scaled a lot higher.

Battle Nexus Key.png The Battle for the Nexus key is no longer being sold in Nexus. The only way you may get this key is through a drop from an event chest.

Dungeon Layout[edit]


Dungeon Boss[edit]

Left Room[edit]

Lord Ruthven.png

Lord Ruthven Deux

See Manor of the Immortals for boss details.

Epic Megamoth.png

Murderous Megamoth Deux

See Woodland Labyrinth for boss details.

Middle Room[edit]

NM Green Dragon God.png

Limoz, the Veridian Dragon Deux

The initial Green Dragon in the Lair of Draconis. His details were later changed.

Golden Oryx Effigy.png

Golden Oryx Effigy Deux

See Cave of a Thousand Treasures for boss details.

Oryx the Mad God 2.png

Oryx the Mad God Deux

See Wine Cellar for boss details.

Right Room[edit]

Archdemon Malphas.png

Archdemon Malphas Deux

See Abyss of Demons for boss details.


Stheno the Snake Queen Deux

See Snake Pit for boss details.

Drops of Interest[edit]

Arbiters Wrath.png

Arbiters Wrath

Doctor Swordsworth.png

Doctor Swordsworth


Koala Pow



Spicy Wand of Spice.png

Spicy Wand of Spice

Sunshine Shiv.png

Sunshine Shiv