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adni3down is a Level1 user on MPGH (joined at 08-21-2015).

He is a CS:GO cheat developer with his Bakuretsu cheat.

About me[edit]

I'm currently a student who's in debt and struggling to figure out the complicated mess of financial aid. I got into cheat development from a friend who asked me to help him and his group of friends. I was in no use but they got me into programming cheats rather than useless programs.

About Bakuretsu[edit]

My same friend send me a solution and said to play with it and release it on a forum. Little did I know that was a paste itself, after a user told me to give original credit I asked my friend where was the source and gave credit where it was deserved. But Bakuretsu was a fun piece of shit to work with, but in 2018 I plan on to make something new.

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