Abyss of Demons

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{Image} The Abyss of Demons is risky and medium-level dungeon with a chance of treasure room in it.. This dungeon was intended for medium-high level players to complete and is dropped by White Demons in the God Lands.

[Image] You may also access the Abyss of Demons by purchasing it's key in the Nexus for 50 gold.



Dungeon Boss[edit]


Archdemon Malphas

Archdemon Malphas is the boss of the Abyss of Demons. He is found in the boss room, with the ground covered in lava in certain times, boss is also surrounded with several White Demon of the Abyss which has a chance to drop Potion of Attack

Dungeon Enemies[edit]

[Image] Imp of the Abyss

[Image] White Demon of the Abyss

[Image] Demon of the Abyss

[Image] Demon Warrior of the Abyss

[Image] Demon Mage of the Abyss

[Image] Brute of the Abyss

[Image] Brute Warrior of the Abyss

[Image] Imp of the Abyss

Drops of Interest[edit]

[Image] Potion of Vitality

[Image] Potion of Defence

[Image] Potion of Attack

[Image] Wine Cellar Incantation

[Image] Demon Blade

[Image] Golden Femur

[Image] Golden Ribcage

[Image] Golden Skull

[Image] The Devil Tarot Card

[Image] Demon Frog Egg