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The general section is comprised of eight main sub-sections. These include Member Introduction & Return, Flaming & Rage, Debate Fort, Entertainment, Computer Builds & Upgrades, and Spammers Corner. The general section is a place to talk about random topics that may not be related to gaming, hacking, etc. Thread's range from politics, to life advice, or even PayPal questions. It is one of the most active sections in all of MPGH, as well as one of the most influential. Threads and posts in here have the rules relaxed a bit, and General even allows adult content with the right tag.

Member Introduction & Return[edit]

This subforum is for new members to post an introduction, as well as for old members returning to MPGH to make their presence known. You do not accumulate post count from this section. The "Dear MPGH" subforum is a section dedicated to how MPGH as affected your life, be it for the better or, the worse. One topic per story is allowed, and the normal guidelines apply.

Flaming & Rage[edit]

The rules pertaining to flaming, raging, and shitposting are severely relaxed in this section. In most circumstances, those rules can be broken in this section. You do not accumulate post count from this section.

The subforum contained within Flaming & Rage named "Wall of Shame", is for posting posts that directly shame some sort of horrible or disgraceful member of MPGH. A staff member must approve all threads made in this subforum.

Debate Fort[edit]

In Debate Fort, all posts must pertain to an intelligent, debating topic. You are not allowed to troll, spam, flame, or anything related to such in this section whatsoever. This section is for serious posts only. Within this section, you may find several more subforums in which you can specify the type of debate you wish to have. Some of these topics include countries and their policies, religion, and politics.

Following subforums are currently open for debate:


The members of MPGH love movies, TV shows, and music. This section allows members to express their opinions on these forms of entertainment. There are several subforums within Entertainment to specify what topic you are talking about.

Current discussable subforums:

Computer Builds & Upgrades[edit]

Posts in this section are typically about user's own personal rigs, or users asking for advice on what to build or what upgrades to obtain. It can also be about computer builds in general, and various new part upgrades that may be available.

Spammers Corner[edit]

Posting in this section does not contribute to your post count. It's primarily aimed at posting or talking about random non-sense that would usually be regarded as spam. Spamming is evidently also allowed. Flame at your own discretion!