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MPGH has several notable traditions, however there are some less known traditions as well.

Milestone Bans

There are a couple different types of "milestone bans". The main definition of the "milestone ban" is getting banned for a special event, typically for 24-48 hours. Please note that they are NOT getting banned for breaking the rules, it is simply a tradition. Users create a thread in the General Section about their "special event"/achievement, usually with a clickbait thread title and post content.

These events are:

  • Getting 1337, 2000, 3000... posts.
  • Posting about your birthday.


Cocksucker is a long-term tradition in which users that most (if not all) of the community find atrocious are granted a tag that displays them as such. This group is extremely hard to get out of, but very easy to fall in.

Monthly Cocksucker Bans

On the 14th of each month, any user in the Cocksucker user group can fall prey to a ban for a week. The 14th of each month is a cleansing day for all members of MPGH, to be free from the filth brought by the Cocksuckers.

Off-Site Chats

MPGH has several chat rooms that are entirely off-site, typically using Skype. One of these chats, MPGH1, has been a long time tradition of MPGH and has lived over several platforms.

There is a in-built chat room on MPGH which can be accessed by clicking the "Chat | Users Online[x]" button to join the different channels to chat with other MPGH users.

Rat Invasion

The Rat Invasion is now a (seemingly) dead tradition in which the Rat Army took over MPGH and had apparent control. Though it was truly just a prank, it is still a memorable one.